Friday, August 5, 2011

Visiting a lesson learned over 2 years in Scotland whilst in The Czech Republic

What a way to open a blog, almost sounds like I don't like The Czech Republic. That is of course, not the case.
The thing about being in the moment, is being in the moment. I try to write my blog in the country or time, that I am in. Some how time got away from me, not that time really exists, but the concept of what it represents, got away from me. I learned something new about myself while I was in Scotland. I learned that if you truly are happy with who you are, no one can take that away, and no one can make you feel unhappy about yourself. I don't need validation to live, I don't need acceptance to accept who I am, and someone can not make my life worth living, more than I can. The beauty that is Scotland helped me see that. Last year when I began walking this path in earnest, I had heard of these concepts, but I didn't know if they were true. How would I know if I didn't try them, if I didn't practice them. Well, I read the practice on love and on the self. It explains how we are not improved by the people we amass in our lives, but by how we love ourselves. A real love.
This year I didn't get to sit with the flowers in the royal gardens, but I stayed in the town where Rob the Bruce is buried, I got to walk the grounds of an abbey where monks lived so many hundreds of years ago. There I understood what love was. There in the soil I felt how they lived and loved. It was an amazing experience.
Now, I am here. I love being here, and it wouldn't matter if the here where Prague or Corona, the best place to be is always here. The best love you can give is love for yourself.

Next stop Rome.

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