Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Bohemian Rhapsody

"A forest thick with life and love, a time that stands still when nothing else does, eyes that seek the wood for the trees, and finds all the love there is in the thicket of Bohemian leaves."

I love the Bohemian forest and it surrounding villages. I have found true peace here.
Every time I come to Prague I fall just that much more in love with it. This time I fell head over heart. Just walking to the grocery store was like a romantic jaunt. I could feel the romance of the ages in the cobblestones as I wondered the alleys and lonely streets. I realized here that none of us are alone.
I sat one day and just existed in the moment, and in that moment I saw the exchange. I witnessed how though I do not know these people that passed me by, we shared a common thread, the breath. It was an amazing moment and I am so deeply grateful that I got to experience it here.

" A lone tree by the road a mother sees, lovely leaves reaching out to me. Clouds of hope drift above us, me, the tree, our moment to be. The tree reached high like a child for it's mother, a mother holding love in her heart as they stood together. The sky, played like an orchestra~ reds, represented the cellos, yellows, the soft violin, blues, the gentle flute, and the white of the clouds, they sang in angelic voices as they spread across the sky. Together, in that moment she feel in love again with all the reasons that she knew they were not alone."

Next stop Rome

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