Tuesday, January 8, 2013

45 reasons

Salutations, Truly, truly, do you think I would list 45 reasons for anything? Nah. No need. I rose with the sun 16,425 times, not all the risings were pain free nor filled with overwhelming love, nonetheless I rose. When I think about celebrating just one day for rising, my head kinda gets foggy and my thoughts drift to the other days that don't get that special attention. Every day is so amazing and how deeply grateful these eyes and soul are, that they get to rise with it. Stretch my arms, feel my knees click and pop, shake the sleep that has taken a grip on my hand because it was tucked beneathe me all night, rub the wisps of dreams from these half opening eyes, flex toes, inhale deep, exhale slow...Gaze out my window through the plants and greet the day with true love and hope; hope that I will continue to learn, and be loved by all the wonderful people in my life. Yeah, everyday is my birthday and I
will continue to celebrate, until I no longer rise. Namaste.