Thursday, August 19, 2010

The end of one journey, and the beginning of..

another. As I sit here thinking of all I have done over the past almost 8 weeks, the images of places and faces seem to flood my minds eye. But it all comes into focus after some minutes. The joys of children laughing, the yeses from proposals, I was lucky enough to hear as I passed, the changing weather, from violent to lush, the many greetings and friends I have made for life, they are all one image. One of love and compassion.
There is always some apprehension when one embarks on a life altering journey. Then when you sit alone in your room you realize, that the first step you took as a child was a life altering journey in itself. We always think we are alone but,
We are truly never alone, even when we wish to be, there is always someone to keep you company or a voice to soothe when the pangs of loneliness stir. This journey has taught me so very much. There were times when I would sit and just exist in that space and no place else. Then I would exist within a group, a Sangha, or with mother nature herself. it was and is all very lovely, and I do realize how very lucky and blessed I am.
This journey was about learning and growing. Accepting what can not be changed and change what I have accepted about myself so many years ago.

Though this journey is now at its end, it is just the beginning of it as well. To take all the lessons I've learned all the love I've experienced and living it, daily. Thank you all for being apart of my journey in this world and may you have peace and love in your daily lives.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Texel is the heart of Holland

When this blog started on my journey here in Holland, it was negative. Now, that I have thought a bit there will be no animosity written.
Holland, beautiful flowers, lush fields, hidden treasures upon it's many canals, and yes great cheese. I spent most of my time with family and friends, so that is all I know Holland to be. Just love and laughter, joyous moments with children, smiles shared over the dinner table, and a picnic with nothing but good times.

I did find a very special place here in Holland, Texel. It is a lovely little island where beaches stretch as far as the eye can see. it is truly the heart of Holland way up north.

My journey is near it's end here, I leave Wednesday to return to the UK for a couple of days.
Will write a final blog then.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Rob the Bruce and William Wallace

What a land they lived and loved on. Scotland. Many stories have been written about it's battles with England, many famous writers hale from here and many a bagpiper wearing their kilts proudly, still play familiar songs that make you smile. There is so much more to this land than that. The highlands, the Lochs, the people, the incredible vistas. For a photographer Scotland is natures light box. It's rich sunsets, violent threatening clouds, erratic showers with splashes of sunshine. the rolling hills with mist tumbling down them, all of this is about. Untraveled paths that promise a surprise that will take your breath away. I fell in love, head over heels with it all.

I had stated on one occasion that if a place is well signed than the people are rude and if a place is not, the people are wonderful. I will retract that statement. Scotland has the best of both. Perhaps I shouldn't have judged places, just maybe I learned to accept a place for what it is and not it's inhabitants.

Scotland wears her kilts proudly as she does her history, and I am honoured to have had this time with her, upon her Lochs and rolling within her glens. I will be back for Scotland has taken a piece of me that I must revisit.

Next stop Amsterdam. Friends and good times await.