Saturday, July 16, 2011

Paths are not always recognizable

When we walk from one place to another, there is a path that we knowingly use. Be it a sidewalk, a motorway, or just some path carved by such extended use. Paths, are our way of reaching our destinations. As a Buddhist I am learning to be mindful of the path I walk. To be in the moment and enjoy every single one. Of course, I am still learning and I don't always stay in my moment. While traveling through Brugges, I forgot which path I was on. I was trying to find the central station, and some how, well, got lost. How do you get lost, if you are always there? I remember that from last years venture in Ireland. I stopped once I thought I was lost, and took a moment to gather myself. I realized I wasn't in the present moment, I noticed that I had to look around and say to myself "Where are you?" Then like a light bulb coming on, I realized I was on the path of enlightenment. I was meant to find my way by being lost, meant to stop living in future moments and to be mindful of my surroundings. I found a path alright, a beautiful quiet street, no cars, no noise, just peace. I stood there in what I thought was a lost state, and I found my path again. I looked down upon the cobblestone streets and smiled. I said to myself, "here I am."
then with relative ease I found the station, and I found a store in which I purchased my new little camera. See in my haste I forgot my camera in Amsterdam and have been using my cell phone and my professional camera. Which is great, but I brought it with me for a purpose and it is not easy to carry my big boy. LOL

So, not only was I on the path the whole time, but I learned that at times when you can not see a path because it is not recognizable, if we stop and breathe and be in the moment, the path will be very clear.

Next stop Scotland.

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